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Explore the history of Immingham

New Exhibitions 2015

Immingham’s past as seen through Archaeology

Did you know that the history of Immingham is older than the name given by the Saxon settlers? See our display of objects of Roman and earlier times all found in Immingham. There are also a number of items from Immingham’s medieval period. The most striking reminder of medieval times in Immingham is seen in St. Andrews church with parts of the building dating back to the twelfth century.

Immingham Shopping Precinct 1965

This exhibition celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the Immingham Shopping Precinct. Compare how it looked then with the new precinct.

Immingham Remembered

See the Photographs from our collection. Are you there? Help us identify those faces we do not recognise.

Second Hand Book Shelves

Now for a minimum donation of 50p or £1 you can obtain a good book and help Museum funds.


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